Electrically-sound foods for your healthy electrical body

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Personal Care

Oral Hygiene Formula:  RefreshMint        Facial Care:  Bonita

Organic and Citrus Body Splash:  Citrus Smooth
Bathe Without Chemicals:  Organic Lavender Bath & Shower Gel


Beautiful Complexions With the Power of Rose

Cleansing:  Organic Lavender Bath and Shower Gel (for face also)

Deep Cleansing and Mineralization:  Neem Beauty Secret Clay Mask

Rosehip Renew
(Great for scars old and new):  Beautiful Skin and Hair

Healthy Hair Care

Soothing and Nourishing Scalp Treatment:  Organic Scalp Massage Oil
Detergent-Free and Organic: 
Natural Shampoos and Conditioners

Colon Cleanse/Detoxification With Oxygen - Oxy-Powder        
Parasite Cleanser -
All Major System Cleansing Support: 
Chamae Rose    
Crystalline Vitamin C - Fully Absorbable -
Quantum Vitamin C

Healthier Thyroids and Endocrine System

Premier Thyroid Gland Enhancer: Thyodine
Natural Oral Progesterone Therapy: 
Natural Progesterone Oil, Progest-E

Electrically Vibrant Wheat and Barley Grasses:  Wheatgrass Detox
Great Tasting GreensFirst Formula:
 GreensFirst (veggies)
Antioxidant-Rich "Red Alert" Fruity Superfood Formula: 
Red Alert (fruit)  
Whole-Food Vitamins & Minerals: 
Vitalerbs (capsule form)        
Enzymes & Probiotics:  Digestive Enzymes & Frequency Probiotics

Prozac Alternative, ADD and ADHD Support:

Children's Nourishment

Vitamins and Minerals" in a great glycerine liquid formula: 

Weight Management and Fitness

Vegetable Protein Almased TurboDiet: 
Almased TurboDiet Program
Life-Time Warranty Mini-Trampolines: 
ReboundAir Rebounder

EMF Jewelry and Other Protection Devices

Neutralize ill effects of EMF and ELF while offering the body an 
opportunity for self-healing: 
The Power Plaque and EMF Jewelry
Block cell phone & appliance radiation: 
Cell Phone Radiation Blocker








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EMF and ELF Protection

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